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Tek-Knees Cycling Project was founded as a real world, unscientific study in bilateral knee replacement durability. This venture was developed to shed light on post joint replacement recovery and beyond.  Tek-Knees Cycling Project provides a site for joint replacement recipients, or those considering joint replacement, to follow the progress of someone who has had both knees replaced, who lives with joint replacements everyday, and is willing to share the experience of his recovery and beyond.

Most of all, remember, if quality of life with worn out joints is diminished, given proper rehabilitation and recovery, life after joint replacement can be a new beginning.


News ... and Goals Achieved on Bilateral Knee Replacements:

February 2016: Recieved the RUSA K-Hound Award for completeing over 10,000KM in RUSA events in 2015.

October 29, 2015: Completed second RUSA R-12 series, earning another R-12 award (R-24). Greg also earned his second UMCA Michael Swartz Award ... this year earning the Gold Medal for accumulating more than 3000 miles in UMCA rides over 90 miles. 

October 3, 2015: Greg competed in a hilly, rain soaked, wind blown and cold 200 mile Solo division Race Across America Cycling Challenge in Dublin, OH. Greg completed the coarse in 16 hrs. 47 min., and was the only Solo 200 mile finisher. Out of 13 starters, there were 12 DNF, with Greg being the lone survivor on the day, winning his division as first finisher in the Solo 200 mile race.

September 16, 2015: Greg earns the covetted RUSA K-Hound Award for logging more than 10,000 kilometers in RUSA events in a single year. One of only six individuals to have done this in the State of NJ.

August 15, 2015: Greg ascends Mt. Washington for the second year in a row. He bested his previuos time by nearly 10 minutes, while stopping along the way to take more than 30 photos to document the event.


June 2015: Greg qualifies for ACP Super Randonneur award by completeing a full brevet series of 200k (124 mi.), 300k (186 mi), 400k (248 mi.) and 600k (372 mi.), in a single season. He rode the 600k straight through with no sleep break.




March 2015: Greg recieves the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association, 2014 Larry Schwartz Award in the UMCA Year Rounder Challenge. This award is based on consistancy of event riding and cumulative mileage over a one year period.


Scott at Lehigh County Velodrome, circa 1980's. With daughter Rachel ... his pride and joy.

Scott Snyder at Lehigh County Velodrome, circa 1980's.

With daughter Rachel ... his pride and joy.

February 5, 2015: With great regret I pass along the news that my cousin, Scott Snyder, depicted in my header photo (and above), who inspired me to become a "serious" cyclist back in 1974 has lost his battle with cancer. Being a bicycle racer nearly all of his life, Scott had recovered from skin cancer and went on to compete in the 2013 Race Across America. Not long after his RAAM attempt the cancer came back. This time far more aggressively. He passed away peacfully in hospice care with family by his side. Rest in peace Scott. I will continue what we started. 


January 9, 2015: Greg earnes the RUSA 4000k medal for accumulating more than 4000 RUSA kilometers in 2014.


January 1, 2015: For the year 2014, Greg accumulates 6,601 miles, and climbs 261,545 feet. In 174 rides Greg spent 22 days and 23 hours in the saddle.



October 2014: Greg recieves his first RUSA R12 Award for completing at least one 200k RUSA event  over twelve consecutive months. 



Pinkham Notch, NH.; August 16, 2014, Greg Bullock becomes the first person known to have climbed Mt. Washington by bicycle with bi-lateral knee replacements.


***NOTE: Any discussions. as a result of this site are not based on any medical expertice, nor should they be considered medical advice. They should only be considered information based on my own joint replacement experience. Your outcome and experience may be different, and you may not experience the same results.